Transportation Scheduler

Full-Time Transportation Scheduler

This person will work closely with maintenance and transportation drivers to ensure all runs are covered.

Step-by-Step Daily Job Duties

1. Get transportation requests from the transportation mailbox
2. Go through the transportation request forms and pick out the ones that have already been scheduled. Add the already scheduled requests to the run sheets. If there are conflicting appointments, re-schedule the appointment after notifying the unit.
3. Maintain a binder of all the transportation request sheets, organized by month and date of the appointment.
4. Maintain the daily Run Sheets.
5. Update the daily Run Sheets daily if there are add on appointments. Work closely with Scheduling to schedule CNAs for runs. (Dialysis residents do not require a CNA to go along with them. Residents with a trach require an LPN to go along to appointments.)
6. Update run sheets for at least 5 days and email them daily to Administration. Print copies of run sheets and update the Transportation binder on each unit.
7. Schedule new appointments up to 1 month in advance and add them to the run sheet to make sure the run sheets are not over loaded.
8. Update and maintain a monthly unit schedule.
9. Complete billing for the days that have passed and send them to corporate once a week
a. Make sure the appointment has occurred
b. Fill out the charge sheet for each run. Include time, date, and duration of the appointment as well as if there was an aide who went along.
c. Attach copies of the charge sheets to the run sheet.
d. Send copies of the charge sheets to Corporate once a week for the week.

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