Activities Assistant

Activities Assistant - Part-time

The Therapeutic Recreation Assistant is responsible for daily program implementation and shall assist the Director of Therapeutic Recreation in all areas of recreational services.

Work indoors in well-lighted and ventilated wards and rooms and outside on occasion.  May need to work beyond normal working hours or in other positions temporarily when necessary.  Will be required to work on weekends and holidays, and on other shifts.  Possibility of cuts or minor burns from instruments and equipment.  May be exposed to communicable diseases.  Possibility of strains due to moving residents or injury from irrational residents.

Good physical and mental health.  Must be able to withstand strenuous physical activity.  Job requires:  walking, reaching, bending, and lifting 50 pounds of force to lift, push, pull, or otherwise move objects including the human body.  Frequently lifting of up to 25 pounds. Requires fine hand coordination, ability to communicate with residents, personnel and consultants; ability to distinguish smells, tastes and temperatures; ability to hear and respond to verbal stimuli; visual and aural acuity to detect changes in resident’s condition; ability to read and write, and ability to remain calm under stress and react to slight motions.  The job requires a keen sense of vision (with or without correction) necessary for close inspection and attention to minute details and small objects.

Must have the ability to communicate with residents, families and personnel and ability to remain calm under stress.
Principle contacts:  Is involved with residents, co-workers, visitors, government agencies/personnel, etc.
Exposure Risk:  Tasks assigned to this position may involve potential and/or direct exposure to blood/body fluids.  May be exposed to infectious waste, diseases, etc., including exposure to the AIDS and Hepatitis B virus and TB.
Hazards:  Combative residents.

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